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My Mosaic Moment really started when I correctly answered a trivia question on CKRM. Then my name was called as the armchair quarterback. At that time (1997) you then got the opportunity to try to put a football through the uprights using the Sasktel sling shot. If you made it you won season tickets for the next season. To my amazement,& falling on my butt, I did it. We have been season ticket holders ever since.

Being able to actually practice and play with and against some of the best high-school football players in Saskatchewan was definitely one of my greatest moments.

In the fall of 2012 my Grandma took my siblings to a game, and my little brother made it his mission to get on the Sasktel Maxtron! We spent about an hour applying make-up and tattoos, spray painting an old clown wig green and getting him ready for the game. Turns out his seats were up pretty high on the West side and he didn't make it on camera that day, but the Riders photographer did snap this great picture of him and my sister before the game, which has been used many times on the screen and even for a T.V. commercial since, something I'm sure he wasn't expecting when he got up for the game that day!

My husband, son, nephew & I attended a Labour Day Classic a couple of years ago. Taj Smith ran a beautiful TD and jumped into the crowd near our Seasons Tickets. My husband's picture, in all it's glory, was on the front page of newspapers more than once, in addition to the TSN website! Exciting game, exciting moment, all seen on his face!

Attending my first Rider game as a new resident of Regina. Being from Atlantic Canada, football was never a popular sport. The energy and excitement at my first Rider game allowed me to truly understand 'Rider Pride'.

July 16, 2016! The day we got married and made it in time for kickoff! We brought along the maid of honour Brandi and best man Mitch!